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Wealthy Affiliate Legitimate Review

I joined Wealthy Affiliate over a year ago to find out what other users were raving about. When you signup, start with a free account that is referenced as a starter membership. The same day I upgraded to the Premium membership monthly and after seeing how well my businesses were doing in six months’ time, I switched to paying yearly to save money.

Now after working with Wealthy Affiliate for over a year, it is time to write a detailed review of Wealthy Affiliate.

By the end of this review, you should be able to come to the decision to find out if Wealthy Affiliate Legitimate Review.

Wealthy Affiliate Founders

Wealthy Affiliate was founded in 2005 by Kyle and Carson. Since the launch in 2005, they have helped millions of online entrepreneurs just like you become successful business owners. Many of his followers earn a full-time six to seven-figure income online by applying what they learn from the courses to their online businesses.

Wealthy Affiliate Trust Pilot Reviews

The reviews left by members of Wealthy Affiliate will surely help you with your decision and show that they are a legit company. On their rating scale, they have 87% excellent rating, 3% Great, 2% average, 1% Poor, and 6% Bad out of 213 reviews. Remember this is a small portion of reviews of the millions of members at Wealthy Affiliate.

The overall bad reviews are from users who chose to remain a free member! Which is limited to basic website setup, and others complained of no income within short periods of time like days or just a month.

Just like any other business, they need to make money for their service, and it is only natural to charge a monthly fee of $49 to see all the benefits. In the sales prospect way, no one is going to buy from you right away as your website is new and needs to build trust which takes time.

The excellent reviews are users who thank Wealthy Affiliate for their success and how well the platform is with all the updated training.

You will not find another program just like Wealthy Affiliate and the plus side the owners interact with you on a daily basis if you need help.

What is Included with Free Membership at Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate offers a free membership without needing to add credit card information unlike similar sites for instance Site Sell you must pay right away.

You will have limited access to the Wealthy Affiliate dashboard, you will be only allowed to ask questions on your first 7-days, and to continue getting help will need to upgrade to Premium. Some things like a few training videos you will always have access to. Here is what is included as a free member.

  • 1 Website
  • Live Help for 7 days
  • Beginner Training Courses
  • Website Backup
  • Your Own Blog
  • Keyword Research Tool-Read Our Jaaxy Review to learn more about the keyword research tool.
  • Affiliate Program
  • 1 on 1 Coaching-First 7 days

Will you be able to run a successful business with just the free membership at Wealthy Affiliate?

You can but it is not recommended, it is recommended to sign up for the Premium membership to build your brand.

The free membership is only a teaser of not even a third of what Wealthy Affiliate offers its members. The free website is not your own domain .com but instead xxxxx.siterebuxix.com that will not rank well on Google.

Look Inside of Free Membership Dashboard

Free Membership Dashboard

The image above will be your dashboard found in the member’s area and the first course Getting Your Business Rolling is what is included as a Free Member.

Wealthy Affiliate Is Legit or Scam

When you click on view courses a new screen comes up showing you the courses in that lesson with brief explanations of what each course offers.

This is the training that results in negative reviews from users because they do not take their business journeys seriously and do not continue with training.

These lessons are really for internet newbies who have no experience at all in building online websites with the WordPress blogging platform.

Look at Premium Membership

The premium membership will allow you to access everything. If you are serious about learning and running a successful online business.

In the past years off and on working with different programs, have not come across a community provided to you at Wealthy Affiliate.

The community is not the only thing the training, tools, video lessons, affiliate resources are a plus.

Premium Training Lessons

The image above is all the lessons included in Premium training, when you complete will appear green with 100% complete.

Here are more details of what is included in Premium Membership.

You probably already read several reviews of Wealthy Affiliate and notice differences in what is included, this is because the reviewer has not updated their review as Wealthy Affiliate updated.

  • Live Help
  • Private Messaging-Me your sponsor
  • 25 Websites-This use to be 50 and was downgraded this year.
  • Website Security
  • Website Backup
  • Beginner and Premium Training Courses
  • Personal Affiliate Blog-Cannot advertises outside programs on the personal blog.
  • Live Video Courses-Weekly Webinars
  • Keyword Research Tool-Unlimited Access
  • Affiliate Program-2X More than free membership
  • Earn while you are learning
  • 1-on-1 Coaching-Me if you decide to join through one of my links in this review
  • 24/7 Website Support
  • Website Feedback
  • Website Comments
  • Website Analysis

If you really add everything up that is included with Premium membership at Wealthy Affiliate, it is a great deal.

The best one is the unlimited keyword research tool that other keyword tools charge more than $49 a month for basic limited searches.

You can also add in the website hosting that will cost you over $10 a month with limited abilities to what you can do. Let us not forget the website comments and feedback that you will not find anywhere else by competitor programs.

It cost money to start but starting any business will take investment.

When you invest in starting a business it is important to invest wisely and make sure you are investing in the right things. When you invest in the Wealthy Affiliate premium you are will get everything needed to start and run a successful online business.

Comparison of Free VS Premium Membership

Things Not Liked About Wealthy Affiliate

There are some things that I do not like with Wealthy Affiliate, but Kyle is open to suggestions for improvements to the Wealthy Affiliate platform. Just like any other program or product, there will be faults that you will not like.

The dislike with Wealthy Affiliate is the focus is more on beginner levels with some intermediate training.

This makes sense with respect to their motive phrase of anyone can join to build their online business even if you are a newbie. There needs to be more advanced training for the committed members that have been running an online business for a year or more.

The second dislike is the forum built into the platform which is unique in its own way.

The way the forum is set up to get the help you need to use live chat, blog posts, private messaging, and public questions where other members comment. The live chat feature is only available for 7-days for free members and unlimited for premium members.

The live chat users are simply other members answering your questions by searching the same forum you would reading a blog post. Some of these users do not even really answer your question and simply tell you to complete your training.

The third issue is their spam policy, it is good sometimes. The way it is set up you cannot even promote one link to your social media followers to get followers to discuss business opportunities. To receive private messages or send you to need to be premium otherwise everyone sees your discussions.

Wealthy Affiliate is not for everyone and here is why!

Wealthy Affiliate is more for the ones who are new to the industry with no experience at all.

This does not mean the more experienced cannot join, the experienced marketers can join and even earn by sharing and creating training themselves as Premium members.

Wealthy Affiliate does not claim you will get rich fast like other competitor programs.

You will learn how to build a real legitimate online business and earn real money.

However, just like any other business, it will take time and dedication along with support. If you are willing to learn from others who have become successful business owners and willing to put in time and dedication, then this is a good place to start.

If you like to have everything you need in one place instead of multiple memberships with other programs, then this is the membership you need.

You will have the training, research tools, website, blog, domain registration, hosting, security, and much more all on one platform. Each one of these tools comes with detailed training that you can access and apply repeatedly if needed.

Wealthy Affiliate Live Chat
Live Chat Feature

Do not Signup If You Are

If you are in dire need of financial help after possibly losing a job or have a financial setback like medical issues.

The reason why is this is a real business opportunity; it will take time and dedication to build and gain trust from your customers.

You will need to put in at least six months of work before seeing money coming in from your websites. If you are looking to make money overnight, then Wealthy Affiliate is not for you.

If you do not have time to do research or write, then do not signup for Wealthy Affiliate.

With this type of business, you will need to research products and services or even test them yourself to write reviews to implement and recommend the program or products.

Just like I have done here in this review, have been using Wealthy Affiliate for over a year now and can successfully write a review about my experiences.  Your customers can tell when a review is fabricated and has not been researched or used by the reviewer.

Wealthy Affiliate Dashboard
This will be your Wealthy Affiliate Dashboard when signing into the Platform.

Private Coaching from Me

I am an active member of Wealthy Affiliate and a Premium member at that. If you decide to join Wealthy Affiliate you will get a personal welcome message from me. In this message, you will be advised to interact within the community by introducing yourself and start your training at the beginner’s level.

Once you complete the beginners’ level you will be given the opportunity to upgrade to Premium at a special cost of just $19 for your first month and $49 each month going forward. Remember mentioned above about private chat with a Premium membership, if you upgrade to premium after joining through one of the links in this review will be able to communicate and share my own tips privately with you.

Final Thoughts

By now you should have come to decision on your own rather join Wealthy Affiliate or not. If you still have additional questions, please ask below in the comment forum and I will be glad to help you.

If you do not have any more questions and ready to get started, then click here to start.

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