Jaaxy Review: Keyword Research Tool

Jaaxy Review: Keyword Research Tool

Jaaxy is a thorough keyword research tool. This review will show you the various features of Jaaxy and how it stacks up to its competitors.

In today’s modern world, keywords are the elements of making or breaking your online business. The right keywords can do the work for you and redirect the customers in your direction. Without powerful keywords, your content is buried deep in the online world unnoticed.

Whatever your niche website is, it does not of course to say that keyword research is the heart of digital marketing. You will need to focus on keyword strategies about as much time as finding relevant content.

Continue reading below to learn more about Jaaxy in the detailed Jaaxy Review: Keyword Research Tool!


  1. 1. The Useful Keyword Metrics that Jaaxy offers you are a great insight into how a keyword can perform in SERP. The data on estimated traffic is vital to know where your website will stand with a certain keyword. The different variables will help you filter keywords that will be easy to rank, rather than hoping and guessing the keyword will get you excellent results.
  2. 2. The different approaches to keyword search that at times can be hard to come up with original keyword ideas that will get you traffic, while setting you apart from your competitors. The Brainstorm feature will lead you right to the hottest topics.  Alphabet Soup feature means you will get new keyword ideas that can yield you with lots of long-tail keywords with higher search intent.
  3. 3. The fewer tools and multiple applications. Jaaxy can do even more than keyword research even if the homepage appears to have just a few. You can cater to the different needs of your business with Jaaxy. Instead of just keyword research tools like their competitors, Jaaxy also has niche research, domains, and affiliate programs.
  4. 4. access to multiple search engines.
  5. 5. Free Plan that allows you to try the tools out and decide on your own terms. The free plan will give you access to all the main features, this way you do not have to pay for service that might not fit your needs.


  1. 1. Interface might be confusing to beginners at first time glance. This is discussed in this review. It might take a few tries to figure everything out within the platform.
  2. 2. Not much Local SEO on a specific country or location, instead your search results will be based on a global scale.
  3. 3. Search Analysis needs to be improved to provide metrics that are actionable enough to change your strategy.
  4. 4. The Obscure SEO score that some might find useful to make excellent keyword choices, but there is no explanation as to why a 100 score means the keyword will rank easy.

With the right tools, the process is easier.

Jaaxy is precisely this by giving your content the good edge it will require. This keyword research tool was created by affiliate marketers for affiliate marketers and seeks to get you accurate keyword results to help boost your organic search engine traffic.

This review will walk you through the features of Jaaxy and how it is compared to its competitors.

Glance at Jaaxy

As already mentioned, Jaaxy is a keyword research tool with features to help you outrank your competition. This is the purpose of using keywords.

With this said, Jaaxy stands out from other competitors with its features and tools. With Jaaxy you can find markets and customers to target the right keywords and let you explore niches and content possibilities while eliminating much-required research work.

Jaaxy SEO Tool

Here is what you can do with Jaaxy

  • Identify new niche opportunities
  • Keyword research
  • Keep eye on your competitors
  • Monitor site ranks
  • Build portfolios
  • Find Affiliate Products

By using Jaaxy it can give you insight into not only your website’s potential but also the winning strategies of your competitors. This means that the platform can be the most valuable tool that you will have access to.

Not like their competitors, Jaaxy will deliver 99% keyword data coverage.

The tool will not only search through Google but also Bing and Yahoo for 99.7% of all the search engine traffic. With this single tool, you can make sure your website has unparalleled access across all major search engines.

Keyword Research and Management

Jaax is the first and foremost keyword explorer. According to them, they have over 500 million new keywords searched daily, and you need this powerful tool to pull the potential.

The dashboard interface is neat and all you will need to do is enter a seed term into the search tab to get the required results. You will immediately receive the search results that tell you which keywords come with low competition as per the SERP analysis.

Here are some metrics that Jaaxy will deliver upon the search.

Jaaxy Keyword Search


The average will let you know the monthly searches for that specific keyword. This number represents the traffic through search engines in Google, Bing, and Yahoo combined. If the keyword is going to be your target, you will need to look for at least 50 searches per month.


This is estimated traffic brought to your website with the specific keyword if your page gets on the first page of Google. Keep in mind that this is the lowest traffic predicted and there is the potential of more coming in.


QSR means Quoted Search Results that reveal the level of competition you can expect for the keyword term. It means, will tell you how many other websites are using the same keywords in their content.

This is a useful feature to use when targeting keywords. The lower the number is better for your website. It is recommended that you choose keywords with a QSR below 100 and slowly move up to 200 or more.


The KQI is short for keyword quality indicator that indicates how Jaaxy’s algorithm classifies the quality of the keyphrase. This feature is color-coded with red, yellow, and green. Green represents that your keyword is a great choice and gives an easy visual overview of how the keyword will most likely perform.

SEO Power

This is another scoring system based on the culmination of previous scores of the keyword. Though, note that this is a result of what Jaaxy thinks is best for SEO on how lucrative it is to rank high with the specific keyword.

On a gage from 1 to 100, the higher the number, the higher the SEO power. Even if you use a different system of narrowing down your keywords, it is a good research tool.

Domain Search

Jaaxy will let you search for domain names that match your keywords. It will also let you know if those domains are available to purchase or not.

Related Keywords

On the right side of your search results, you will see a list of keywords that are strongly associated with your search term. This will provide you more keyword ideas. You can even brainstorm for more keywords based on your website content here, also.

The metrics give you a complete idea of how a particular keyword could fare in your content, you can even use Jaaxy for a few other features of keyword research. These features will be more focused on giving you access to competitor analysis and finding the advantages of information on computers.

Alphabet Soup

Jaaxy employs the Google Instant and Google Autocomplete to add a letter by letter to your keyword to forecast the search terms. In basic terms, this will give you data on actual searches that people perform on Google. This feature is intended to give you more ideas on long-tail keywords.

You can see results for key phrases plus alphabet starting with a and move the bar to get results on the combination of your key phrase with any letter.

You will then see the list of keywords. When you click on search on this, you will be redirected to the keyword search and here you will see all the same metrics of a regular keyword search.

Jaaxy Review: Keyword Research Tool
Alphabet Soup Feature

Saved Lists

Jaaxy has two different options for users to access their keyword search history. While you go through the research process, you can opt to save the keywords in your list for later access. You can make multiple lists this way to organize them in folders and you can even export your keyword lists.

Search History

This is the second way to access your old data. This feature will display the previous searches you have done and tell you what type of search it was. It will let you know if the search was a keyword search or an alphabet soup search. You can also go to the search bar and look up any specific keyword.

However, you will not find any further information here. For this, you will have to click on the corresponding keyword and be directed to the keyword research page. The negative side is that will count as another search and might not appeal to you based on your package.


Let us suppose that you are looking for trending topics to prepare your new blog post. Brainstorm will tell you all you need to know about the keywords that are dominating the relevant niche at present.

This will give you a glimpse of the most popular keywords in not only Google and Yahoo, but also social media sites like Twitter trends, Amazon Bestsellers, and Alexa topics.

You will be able to add these keywords to your Brainstorm Queue list, and it will direct you to the research section of the specific keyword. If you need to can also manually add words to your Brainstorm Queue. You will be able to multitask between idea generation and the search results.

Brain Storm Feature
BrainStorm Jaaxy Feature

Site Rank

A big part of your keyword research strategy is analyzing whether your efforts are successful or not. To achieve this, you can also have to check your SERP constantly. It could be tricky to identify where you stand within the search engine.

The site rank is one of the most important features within Jaaxy that will help you analyze your website and ranking.  In the site rank feature, you can put any keyword or URL to receive the information data on how the website performs in terms of ranking. Jaaxy will then immediately perform an ordinary search and let you know where your website stands with that keyword phrase.

The results are shown in positions, letting you know how well you are ranking across all search engines. According to the program, if your position is below 50, then you are ranking well with those keywords. Jaaxy will also tell you on which page your results will likely be on. You will be able to analyze the ranking for Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

The program has an advanced tool here that will analyze how the page has been performing over a period. You can also set how often you want Jaaxy to track the keyword phrase or domain. As your website rank changes, you will be notified within the platform. This way you can keep track of the historical ranking trends to understand and master SEO.

Search Analysis

This feature will help you spy on your competition. You will enter keywords and choose the search engine to get the results that match your keyword phrase. Jaaxy will analyze through Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

This gives you an overview of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) regarding your search terms. Also, when you click on view details you will see more metrics popping up like the title of the article with URL, meta description, and the keywords. They will even show you the keyword density, word count, links on the site, Alexa ranking, and AdSense.

You will see the domain name of the pages and which parameters they get their ranking. This metric will point you in the right direction on beating your competitor.

You can think of this as a reverse analysis that you can use for your website. There are two ways to benefit from this. First being able to do a competitive analysis before you proceed with your content ideas. You can break down each competitor’s website and investigate what your competitors are doing so you can organize accordingly.

The second one is seeing how your content is getting ranked and why it is doing so. Combine both methods and you have an effective system to help you boost your SERP.

Niche Search

Though the niche research feature is advertised as one of the top features for Jaaxy, it is also incorporated into the other tools of the platform. By combining the techniques of Brainstorm, Affiliate Search, and Alphabet soup, the service can open doors to new niches.

Each one will give you insight and information on how it can benefit you from categories so you can take advantage of the possibilities.

Use of Brainstorm to Find Niches

As covered earlier, Brainstorm will suggest several topics that are trending now. You will get the new results every day and get more different ideas for niches, products, and categories.  All you will need to do is add them to your Brainstorm Queue to view later. You can also further do keyword analysis and narrow down the niche ideas.

Use of Alphabet Soup to Find Niches

With too many searches being carried out every day, it is easy to miss out on profitable opportunities. Alphabet soup will allow you to discover niches in an easy and efficient way. It will do so by finding relevant trends to unanticipated searches.  As of this, you will be able to create brand new niche ideas daily based on what your audience is looking for.

Use of Affiliate Program to Find Niches

At its foundation, the Affiliate Program intends to connect you to different affiliate opportunities that you can use to your advantage. Jaaxy will run the search through four popular platforms of Digital River, LinkShare, Commission Junction, and Click Bank.

You will choose your required platform to get the list of affiliate programs out there based on your search keyword phrase. When you do this search, Jaaxy will return the affiliate program name, product website, commission rates, Alexa rank, and Network.

This is an easy way to find affiliate products instead of searching for separate search engines to find products for your website.

Another great way to use the Affiliate program is to find which products are best for your content website. You can choose an affiliate program along with keyword research on the product. You will also get information on how many people are searching for the same or associated products.

Finding Domain Names

We have talked about Jaaxy exclusively as a keyword and competitor analysis tool. The platform also offers another valuable feature for those who like to invest in domains to flip or use for their own website project.

If you do not know, domain flipping is a billion-dollar industry and as Jaaxy suggests, there are many ways to benefit from this.

Fining Keyword Rich domains

Already discussed briefly how you can find domains through the keyword research tool. Now I will elaborate more on how Jaaxy identifies domains with the best scope.

The ideal results you will want is high search traffic with low competition. The fewer people are fighting for the domain, the more likely that domain will be available. Jaaxy makes the process easy, as it will give you a list of domains that is related to your keyword search term. You can even purchase the available domain right away.

Find Local Marketing Domains

If your company is local marketing, then the domain search tool can tweak your results to fit your location.

With the clever combination of keywords, you will be able to do local domain searches. You just combine keyword plus location to find a series of local domains. These domains are easy to rank high in SERP so that you can sell the domain for a higher cost.

Having control of local domain assets will give you an edge in the market and will give you access to domain names that will work for local establishments. If this is your interest domain flipping, Jaaxy comes with an easy sophisticated set of tools that will work in your favor.

Jaaxy is partnered with Wealthy Affiliate allowing you to purchase domains instantly. You will be able to save, store, buy domains in bulk with Jaaxy’s tools.


There are three different membership options that cater to different needs based on the level of your business.

Free Plan

They are true to what the website says, this plan is best for you to try out the features. The main difference here unlike other online services that this is not a free trial version.

The starter plan comes with access to all main functions of Jaaxy however with a limited number of 30 searches. You will need not to provide any payment details only need to create an account.

The speed of results is slow in the Free starter plan, you will not find a better way to experience what the platform has to offer.

Pro Plan $49 per Month

With the Pro Plan, you will have access to everything you need for the smooth running of your online business. This plan works best with bloggers and small businesses that want to optimize their content for organic searches. If you are an experienced marketer you can also benefit from this plan if you are not working on multiple sites.

This Pro plan will give you 3x faster search results with unlimited keyword searches. You will also have a higher number of uses when it comes to Alphabet Soup and your site rank.

Enterprise Plan $99 per Month

The Enterprise Plan is for online marketers looking for unlimited access and searches data for multiple sites. Along with all the features of the Free and Pro plan, you will be able to automate keyword ad domain searches. You will also get 5x faster results compared to the Free plan.

Jaaxy Affiliate Program

The platform benefits from affiliate programs, it would not be right if it did not have one of its own. Jaaxy has a straightforward affiliate program where you earn commissions from your referrals. The commissions will be based on your Jaaxy package.

Jaaxy Customer Service and Help Center

Jaaxy has a few videos and tutorials on how to use their services. The help center you will find four videos that essentially covers all aspects of the tool. The downside is the interface changed since the videos were created and uploaded, new users will find it confusing if relying on these tutorials.

To get updated training tutorials you can find training lessons on their partner site Wealthy Affiliate.

To Find out More About Wealthy Affiliate, read our Wealthy Affiliate Legitimate Review“.

The customer care team is supportive and reliable. You might be disappointed to learn that there is no live chat feature, which is now a popular way in online support for similar services. They have an old-fashioned contact form on their home page, and they give you a reply within 24 hours.

Jaaxy is the main keyword research tool for Wealthy Affiliate where you will find a community of online marketers who are always reading to help you.

Who is Jaaxy for?

Jaaxy is a notable tool that has proven it is worth it for a decade. In this review, we discussed the details of the features of the popular research tool. How much you can benefit from this platform will depend on you and what your business is about.

Here are six cases where Jaaxy can be beneficial for your online businesses.

  1. 1. If you have a niche business setup and are looking for new opportunities to expand.
  2. 2. If you are a marketer struggling to increase traffic to your website.
  3. 3. If you are a content marketer looking for new topic ideas.
  4. 4. If you already have an established business and looking for a keyword finder with precise metrics.
  5. 5. If you are an investor in domain businesses and looking to flip more websites.
  6. 6. Affiliate marketer planning new strategies.

In these above examples, Jaaxy will have you covered if you are looking for a large database of a keyword. The platform can be a solution for all your needs in one place.

Their area where it shines the most is affiliate marketing. Besides just access to products, you can use the feature in different ways to find and create unique content.

Founded content marketers and agencies also find that Jaaxy can lead you to untapped niches and keywords. The tool has plenty of unique keywords, with zero to low competition.

The Final Verdict

When it comes to your online business, there is no way to leave keywords out. The right keyword tool you choose will be the most important service and Jaaxy can not only play an important role in your SEO efforts but can also help with new content ideas as well.

It is safe to say Jaaxy is a powerful tool in managing your SEO strategy. It can be your treasure of keywords with the long-tail section. There will be no shortage of features that will help you venture into new niches and affiliate programs or products.

Whether it is a good fit for you and your business is dependent on your needs. With the Jaaxy Free Plan, you can try the tool at no cost and decide if this is the tool you are looking for. No Payment information is needed to try, give Jaaxy a try by researching a keyword in the box below.

If you need additional help with Jaaxy keyword research platform, you can contact me by contacting us or leave your comments below. You can also find me within the Wealthy Affiliate community.

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